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“A Handy Guide to Brit-Speak”

Have you ever submitted your text to your British English teacher or editor and heard: “I only have a few minor comments”?
Now you know what she really meant and start eating your humble pie:

(via Daily Mail and Telegraph)

The Horologicon – a book of beautiful English words

This week the BBC is presenting The Horologicon, “a book of the strangest and most beautiful words in the English language arranged by the hour of the day when you will really need them. Words for breakfast, for commuting, for working, for dining, for drinking and for getting lost on the way home”.
The book was written by Mark Forsyth, a writer, journalist, proof-reader, ghostwriter and author of the great Inky Fool blog on English grammar and vocabulary.

The BBC programme has five parts: Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4 and Episode 5 (and all the episodes shoudl be available only until 12 or 13 December).

You can read an excerpt of the book here

or get it at Amazon or (my favourite) BookDepository.
I haven’t read The Horologicon yet but I think it’ll be at least as interesting as The Etymologicon by the same author.

In the meantime, enjoy his TED Talk on “political speak”:

10 Tips to Improve Your Grammar

10 Tips to Improve Your Grammar


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